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Visa Application

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Post time: 2015-04-11 14:00:36
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Studentswho will study in China need to apply for a visa. If you intend to study inChina, only the following three categories of visa are appropriate for you.

1. Study visas(X-visa)are issued to those coming to China for study or an internship for longer thansix months.
2. Businessvisas (F-visa) are issued to those invited to China to do businessor study for a period of less than six months.
3. Tourist visas(L-visa)are issued to those coming to China for sightseeing, visiting family orfriends, or for other personal affairs.

Thesethree types of visas have their own functions. Foreign students who intend tostudy in China are required to hold an ordinary passport and either a Studyvisa (X-visa) (study period of more than 6 months) or a Business visa(F-visa)(study period of 6 months or less). Chinese authorities do not allowstudents from some countries to study in China with a tourist visa. If youenter China on a Tourist visa (L-visa), you will be required to change yourvisa into the relevant visa after entering China.
Documents required for application
  • Original passport remaining to be validfor at least 6 months from the date of application and with sufficient blankpage;
  • Onecompleted Visa Application Form with one recently-taken passport photo(full face, frontal with a plain white or off-whitebackground, 2×2 insize);
  • Oneapproved JW201 or JW202 Form issuedby the State Education Ministry of China (original and copy);
  • Admission letter from the receivingschool (original and copy)
  • Thestudent who will study in China for more than one year shall also provide a Physical Examination Certificate for ForeignCitizen;
  • Anydocument that is required by the responsible visa office should be provided.

Ways to apply
1.       Students may submit the visa to the visaoffice of Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate.

2.       If you can’t go there personally, youhave to entrust someone else or a travel/visa agent to come to the ChineseEmbassy or Chinese Consulate for your application.

Note:No appointment is required; Mailed applications are not acceptable and will berefused.

Processing time
Most application will beprocessed within 5 working days from the next working day after yourapplication has been received. Visa applications are accessed individually andthe actual processing time of your visa application may vary. You may not getany information on the status of your visa until your application is completed.So we recommend you to apply for your visa four weeks before your trip.
1.   Normalprocess: 5 working days.
2.   Expressservice: 2-3 working days
3.   Urgentprocess: 1 working day( if the visa office agrees at the time the applicationis lodged and additional fee is payed)

Visa fee
1.       Pleasepay by Visa, Mast Card, Money Order, Cashier’s Check or Company Check. Cash orPersonal checks are not acceptable.
2.       Pleasemake the company check, cashier’s check or money order payable to ChineseEmbassy and Chinese Consulate.
Note: The visa fees varyenormously depending on your nationality and number of entries.

Important notes
1.   X-visa issued is usually with a singleentry, valid for 3 months and with no duration of stay (that is 000 day ofstay). Holders of student visa should go through the procedure for a residencepermit at a local public security bureau within 30 days after entry into Chinato avoid illegal stay in China. The period of validity of the residence permitis its holder's duration of stay in China.

Consular officers may request anapplicant to provide additional supporting documents. The applicant shouldprovide this as soon as possible.

Whether a visa is to be issued or not,and what type of visa to be issued shall be decided by Consular officers in thelight of China's relevant laws and regulations. Application may be refusedwithout detailed explanation.

The applicant should check all theinformation of the issued visa upon collection and if necessary raise queriesat the same time. If there is no immediate query relating to the issued visa,the applicant is held responsible under any circumstances thereafter.

The visa application form should befully completed and signed by the applicant upon completion (application for anapplicant under 18 years of age should be signed by one of his or her parents).Items which are not applicable should be filled in with N/A.

Please be advised to apply for a visaabout one month in advance of the intended date of entry into China. Theapplicant is held responsible for any consequences resulting from the failureto submit visa application at an appropriate time, which may lead to either theissued visa becoming expired or it would be too late to get a visa before theintended entry date.

Consular officers decide on the visa'speriod of validity, duration of stay and number of entry in the light ofChina's laws and regulations.

Based on the information stated above,you may have a general idea on the procedure of applying for the X-visa. If youneed more information, you can visit the following websites of visa informationon different countries which are listed below.

US Student Visa
Canada Student Visa:
Germany Student Visa: http://www.china-botschaft.de/det/lsfw/t514074.htm
France Student Visa: http://www.china-botschaft.de/det/lsfw/t514074.htm
Italy Student Visa: http://it.chineseembassy.org/ita/lqgz/
Russia Student Visa: http://ru.china-embassy.org/rus/lsyw/sbqz/t128805.htm
Australia Student Visa:
Japan Student Visa:
Korea Student Visa:
Thailand Student Visa:
Pakistan Student Visa: http://pk.china-embassy.org/eng/lsfw/t815152.htm
Mongolia Student Visa: http://mn.china-embassy.org/mn/lsfw/t718933.htm
Sri Lanka Student Visa: http://lk.china-embassy.org/eng/lsyw/visaaffairs/

Students fromother countries have to contact your nearest Chinese Embassies and ChineseConsulate for details.


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