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Matters Concerned about China University Application

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AdmissionResults and Materials
Admission Results

Howlong will the admission result come out?

Thathow long the students can get admission results differs from universities, forapplicants of degree courses, if application materials of the students are notcomplete, usually the students  will beannounced admitted by universities in about 2 to 4 weeks after the universitiesreceive all materials; while for non-degree students, it will take less time toverify their materials as the materials requested for non-degree students areless than that of the degree ones, so usually non-degree students can getadmission results in 1 or 2 weeks.

Admission Statuses
Full Admission
Afull admission means that university confirms the student to be qualified withadmission requirements through verifying his or her materials and makingassessment on all qualifications of the students, and finally agrees to acceptstudent and send admission materials to him or her.

Conditional Admission
ConditionalAdmission means that teacher from admission office ofthe university believes that the student meet the general admissionrequirements through a examination of his or her application materials, but forsome reasons such as lack of materials, that tuition deposit is required to bepaid, that funds guarantee is required to be offered and so on , the studentcan enter into the university on the condition that he or she meets those abovementioned requirements before get full admission.

Refusal of admission
Refusal of Admission means that through a examination of student’smaterials, the teacher from admission office of the university thinks that thestudent is not qualified to get admission, so the student cannot afford to beadmitted by the university. Refusal of Admission usually because of ineligibleacademic record, unmatched professions and so on

What are the reasons thatstudents get admission results late?

The application materials are incomplete or too fuzzy to be read
Application materials requested are not completely prepared orthere are some problems, for example, the copy or scanned copy of applicationmaterials provided by student are not clear enough so as to make it hard forteacher to read them.

Special application materials requests
Some universities may request students to provide certificate ofnon-criminal record, funds guarantee and others the like, usually thesematerials costs much time to be issued; besides, the statements in somematerials are not in English, so students are required to provide relevantEnglish or Chinese translated documents, while this also takes time.
Application fastigium
When it is in Application fastigium, the materials verifyingprocess can be slow because the university has to cope with application oflarge amounts of students. generally speaking, fastigium of autumn semester’sapplication is in June and July, and fastigium of spring semester’s applicationis November and December.

University vacations
When students are about to start their application, it happens tobe university vacations, so the application materials cannot be verified atonce, thus making materials’ verify-time delayed. In order to get the admissionresult as soon as possible, we suggest that student start their applicationearlier if possible, and avoid starting the application on Chinese vocationsand application fastigium; Besides, students had better prepare completematerials and scan them clearly, and be clear about special materials requestedand get them issued early.   

Admission materials
Theadmission materials contain Admission Notice, Visa Application Form for Studyin China (JW202), School Guidebook, etc.

An admission noticeis a kind of admission document issued by universities underapproval of university admission office and education departments to show thatapplicants are allowed to study in the university. It usually indicates thename, nationality of a person admitted, major to be learnt, teaching languageof the course, date of registration, materials requested for registration , andmatters concerned for application of visa and living permitting, beside, theremust be an official seal on the admission notice.

Visaapplication form for study in China(JW202)is handled by universities forinternational students who get admission. It is an important document used forstudent’s visa application, entering China, university registration, andhandling living permitting.
Theschool guidebookusually contains university’s general information, definiteaddress, contact number, registration procedure, tuition and accommodation fee,accommodation facilities and a card on which the university’s address isattached. The School Guidebookprovidedby some universities may contain different information. The following admissionmaterials are divided into two kinds according to levels of coursed applied,the first kind is admission materials of degree courses, and the second isadmission materials of non-degree courses

Admission materials of degree courses
  • Originalcopy of Admission Notice
  • JW202Form
  • ToSchool Guidebook(Offered by Part of Universities)

Admission materials of non-degreecourses

Admission Materials for Courses less than 6 months

  • Originalor scanned copy of Admission Notice
  • Theuniversities usually do not provide applicants applying for non-degree coursesless than 6 months with JW202 Form, neither do they send applicant originalcopy of Admission Notice, but provide them with scanned copy instead, thestudents are required to enter China with Tourist Visa(L Visa). If studentscannot be allowed to apply for visa without the original copy of AdmissionNotice, they can contact to the universities in time to ask for original copyof Admission Notice
  • JW202Form
  • To School Guidebook(Offered by Part of Universities)      

AdmissionMaterials for Courses longer than 6 months

  • Originalor scanned copy of Admission Notice
  • W202Form
  • To School Guidebook(Offered by Part of Universities)

Approaches to Get Admission Materials
Students can get their admission materials through one of the following materials when the university gets all of them ready.

Get admission materials through express delivery
Differentuniversities choose different expresses to mail students’ admission materials,the main express companies: DHL, UPS, EMS, FEDEX and so on. Usually thestudents can get the admission material in 3 to 5 days by DHL, UPS, and FEDEX,and 5 to 7 days by TNT, and 7 to 15 days by EMS. It takes longer if thestudents live in comparable remote areas. Usually the admission materials willbe posted directly by universities or agencies appointed。

Post directly by universities themselves
Usuallythe university will post student admission notice directly by themselvesaccording to the address and personal information on application form. If thestudent completes the application and get admission with help of an agency,part of universities will firstly ask the agency for the definite address, thenpost student the admission materials.

The university appoint an agency to post student admission materials
Partof universities will appoint an agency to post student admission materialsinstead of posting by themselves, so usually a DHL will be chosen, in thiscase, the student will probably pay for mailing fee.

Fetchthe admission materials by students themselves or students' friends
Whenconfirming that the university gets admission materials ready, the students cancontact teachers who are in charge of international students enrolling inadvance, and then go to the university to fetch admission materials themselvesafter finding out the university address and routes.

Ifstudents have friends in China, or live in the city that the university islocated in, they can ask friends to get admission materials for them oncondition that the university is kept informed in advance.
Get scanned copy of admission materials through Email instead ofthe original ones posted.
For applicants applying for course less than 6 months, theuniversity usually does not help them apply for JW202 form, even universitiesdo not post original copy of admission materials, and instead, they providescanned copies. In this case the students need tourist visa (L visa) to enterChina. The students should pay attention that the E-mail addresses provided arecorrect, and check Email box in time to make sure that they receive scannedcopy of admission materials successfully.

How students getadmission materials successfully (by express)
Inorder to get admission materials successfully, students should pay attention tothe following cases:

  • The Postal Address
The Postal Address is vital information for student to getadmission materials successfully. When applying for universities, students hadbetter give the specific postal address on application forms. The addressshould be as specific as possible, including receiver’s name, country, city,post code, and specific name of the street and No. of the house. Some studentscannot receive the admission materials because they simply provide brief POBOXinformation, so we suggest that the students give specific postal address ifpossible.

  • Contact No of receiver
Contact No is the fastest and most convenient way for postman toget in touch with addressee. So it must be filled completely and correctly,including international and city dialing code; once there is a change inContact No. students should keep the universities and agencies informed withouta second of delay; Try to provide 2 or more than 2 numbers so as to make surethat the postman can instruct the student to pick up the post.

  • Timelyfollow-up the post state of admission materials
Studentsshould ask universities and agencies for tracking number as soon as theadmission materials are mailed and timely follow-up then post state. If thepackages still do not arrive beyond mailing time, student should contact touniversities and agencies as soon as possible, asking them where are thepackages now and how to deal with them.

What should student pay attention toafter receiving admission materials?

  • Check the information on the admission notice
Studentshould check the information on the admission notice soon after receivingadmission materials, such as the name, major, teaching language, period ofschooling, school opening date and so on, once there are some mistakes, thestudent should inform the university as early as possible, and ask theuniversity revise them and post the correct ones, or ask university for otherremedial measures.

  • Check information on JW202 form
Studentshould carefully check the information on JW202 form, such as the name,deadlines and so on, once there are some mistakes, students should contact tothe universities at once, and ask the universities to handle it again. If it isconfirmed correct, students should handle with visa application according tothe date given on JW202 form as soon as possible, otherwise if it is overdue,students should ask universities to issue certificate of delay in order tohandle with visa application.

  • Readschool guidebook carefully
Prepare the tuition,accommodation fee, living expenses and so on all expenses according to schoolguidebook. Understand university accommodation facilities, get luggage readyand make route schedule according to information given on school guideline bookwhen it is about time to heading to universities

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